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Diese Seite verweist auf einige Besprechungen englischsprachiger informationswissenschaftlicher Bücher:

Cooper, Alan (1999): The Inmates are Running the Asylum. (Indianapolis)

Farkas, David K.; Farkas, Jean B. (2002): Principles of Web Design. (New York)

Jacobsen, Robert (Hrsg., 2000): Information Design. (Massachusetts)

Jonassen, David H. (2000): Computers as Mindtools for schools. Engaging critical Thinking. (New Jersey)

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Lynch, Patrick J.; Horton, Sarah (2002): Web Style Guide - Basic Design Principles for Creating Web Sites. (London)

Pearrow, Mark (2000): Web Site Usability Handbook. (Rockland)

Preece, Jennifer (2002): Interaction Design - beyond human - computer interaction.

Sherman, Chris; Price, Gary (2001): The Invisible Web. Medford: Information Today Inc.

Turkle, Sherry (1995): Life on the Screen. Identity in the Age of the Internet. New York et al.: Simon + Schuster